Call our Cancer Nurseline Freephone 1800 200 700

The Irish Cancer Society’s Cancer Nurseline has achieved international accreditation for providing outstanding caller experience under The Helplines Association UK (THA).

The Cancer Nurseline, which is staffed by specialist cancer nurses, provides comprehensive cancer support, advice and information to patients, carers, the general public as well as healthcare professionals.  

The Irish Cancer Society’s Cancer Nurseline has achieved the ‘Helplines Standard’ quality standard for providing outstanding caller experience under The Helplines Partnership (formerly The Helplines Association UK (THA)).

The Helplines Standard, which is an internationally recognised ‘stamp of approval', ensures all calls are dealt with by adequately and appropriately trained staff, operating under strict policies and procedures which are measured and monitored by an external objective body.

The Irish Cancer Society voluntarily elected to undergo the accreditation and worked with THA to develop policies, best practice and guidelines.  As a result of the audit  we are confident that:

  • There is an effective process that makes existing and potential callers aware of the Nurseline and what it offers
  • Information and advice offered to callers is up-to-date, accurate and appropriate to their enquiry, and signposting and referral is made to an appropriate agency
  • Evaluation and monitoring is carried out to ensure good quality of service to Helpline callers, and as an integral part of the service
  • All staff within the Cancer Nurseline have appropriate training, supervision, support and development to enable them to fulfil their roles
  • Calls are treated in confidence which can only be breached in defined exceptional circumstances. Records are made and kept accurately and consistently, according to the purpose of the Nurseline
  • Nurseline workers undertake any follow-up work effectively in accordance with the Cancer Nurseline's policies and as agreed with the caller

Nurseline service for Irish deaf community

The Irish Cancer Society is now using the Sign Language Interpreting Service (SLIS) on its Cancer Nurseline 1800 200 700 to provide free cancer information and support to members of the deaf community who may be concerned about cancer.

If you are deaf and would like to contact the Cancer Nurseline, email to arrange a booking or contact IRIS by text message on 087 98 06 996, email or phone 0761 07 8440.