Hand In Hand

Hand in Hand

Providing practical support for families in Ireland whose lives have been affected by childhood cancer.

Hand in Hand is a non-profit organisation which provides the families of children with cancer with much-needed practical support.

We support families nationwide who are affected by childhood cancer by giving them access to professional service providers.

By availing of our services, families find they have more precious time to spend with their children rather than trying to keep on top of household chores.

We are unique in that we are the only organisation that offers this type of practical support to children and their families throughout their cancer treatment.

Hand in Hand provides laundry services and domestic cleaning for families in the Republic of Ireland that are supporting a child with cancer. This is delivered through a network of professionals that provide these services in in a timely and appropriate manner irrespective of the means of the child and their family.

These supports are complimented with psycho-social supports through counselling and play therapy services, kindly supported by the Irish Cancer Society. All our psycho-social supports are available to the child diagnosed with cancer and their immediate family.


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Cancer Foundation



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Mon - Fri 9-5.30pm

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8 Bride St., Loughrea, Galway

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