Online & phone counselling

Many people say the emotional side of a cancer diagnosis is the hardest thing to deal with. Patients and their families may experience anxiety, fear, anger, sadness and depression. These feelings can be mild such as “Just not feeling myself." Others may find it more difficult to cope with their reactions. These reactions can occur at any time - even months or years later.

A trained counsellor can help you to make sense of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Counselling is an important tool for all cancer patients and their loved ones as they live with and beyond cancer.

For some, getting to a counselling centre to access face-to-face counselling is physically and emotionally difficult, particularly since the Covid-19 pandemic.

You now have the option of availing of our online and phone counsellors to get the help and support you need from the comfort of your own home. The sessions take place by phone or Zoom, depending on your preference.

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'My counsellor Denis was just brilliant. I could vent, I could offload. We'd also have a laugh and he'd cheer me up. He was a wonderful person who came into my life at the right time, and he was the right person for me.'

Anne, Remote Counselling Service user
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Our Remote Counselling Service offers free, short-term counselling. Counselling sessions provide a valuable support to patients, families and loved ones. 

The service is available to:

  • All people who have had a cancer diagnosis.
  • Their family members, partners, carers and friends. 
  • Bereaved people who have lost a loved one to cancer.
  • It is also available for children through a play therapy model, and for teenagers using appropriately trained and vetted practitioners.
Get connected with a free counsellor

If you feel that counselling may help you, speak with a nurse by contacting our Support Line on Freephone 1800 200 700. You can decide if one of these options is suitable for your needs:

  • Free, one-to-one counselling at one of our affiliated cancer support centres, funded by the Irish Cancer Society;
  • Our remote counselling service.

You will be linked in with an accredited, experienced counsellor.

Our Support Line is open Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm. 

Interview with Roz from the Irish Cancer Society's counselling service

"I think that many people feel, 'Oh there is no point in talking about this with someone I don’t know, what good will talking do?' That is a big belief. However, bottling away those feelings or worries won’t help." 

Support Line nurse Roz
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