UV Index

Most cases of skin cancer are caused by Ultraviolet (UV) radiation which comes from the sun. 

The UV Index tells us the level of UV radiation that is expected at the earth’s surface. It is a scale that runs from zero upwards.

The higher the level the less time it takes the skin to burn and the greater the risk of skin damage which can lead to skin cancer. 

What to watch out for

If the UV Index is 3 or more it is important to follow the SunSmart code.

The Irish Cancer Society advises that when in Ireland we follow the SunSmart code from April to September to protect our skin, but if the UV Index is 3 or more make sure to take extra care.

Know the risk: Be UV aware

Stay on top of the UV index so that you know when it's time to use the SunSmart code.

Date Last Reviewed: 
Monday, April 30, 2018