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What is melanotan?

Melanotan (1 and 2) is a synthetic hormone designed to stimulate pigment cells to produce more melanin, which gives you a tan when exposed to UV rays. It can be injected with needles or used in a nasal spray.  Although it is available to purchase online, melanotan is illegal, untested and unregulated.

Is melanotan dangerous?

The Irish Cancer Society strongly discourages people from using melanotan in either nasal spray or injection form. Because they are unregulated, these drugs have never been trialled and this means that no one knows what is really in them or what short or long-term effects they can have on the body.

Serious side effects of melanotan use have been reported, ranging from sickness and acne to high blood pressure, flu-like symptoms, all-over body swelling, feeling tired, indigestion, a green tinge to the skin around the forehead and developing darker coloured freckles and dark blotches on the lips. It has also been reported that melanotan has been linked to melanoma skin cancer.

The Irish Cancer Society advises that melanotan should not be purchased or used under any circumstances.

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