Cervical Cancer Awareness

In Ireland about 300 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year. It is the second most common female cancer in Europe.

Most cervical cancers are caused by the HPV virus, a very common virus that is passed on during sex. Cervical cancer is now largely preventable because there is a vaccine that guards against HPV.

Get to know the signs and symptoms of cervical cancer. Like all cancers, the earlier cervical cancer is found, the better it can be treated.

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Cervical cancer screening involves a smear test. A National Cervical Screening Programme is available in Ireland called CervicalCheck.

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Most cases of cervical cancer are caused by the HPV virus. There is currently a vaccine to protect against the HPV virus.

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The main treatments for cervical cancer are surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. Learn more about these treatments.

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Cervical cancer controversy

We have created some resources to answer questions about the CervicalCheck screening controvery that has left many people across Ireland scared and confused. Visit our section now.

Questions or concerns about cervical cancer?

Our Cancer Nurses can help. Call us on freephone 1800 200 700, email us, drop in to any of our 13 Daffodil Centres across the country, or chat with other people affected by cervical cancer in our online community.