Drug treatments for cervical cancer

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Chemotherapy is a treatment using drugs to kill cancer cells. Chemotherapy for cervical cancer may be given:

  • At the same time as radiotherapy to make the treatment work better (chemoradiation)
  • As a treatment on its own for advanced cervical cancer

The drugs are usually given into a vein as an injection or through a drip (infusion). You will be able to go home after your treatment session.

Targeted therapies

Targeted therapies are drugs that work with your body. They can help fight cancer or stop it spreading. Some drugs are given in tablet form. Others are given into a vein through a drip. They are used to treat recurrent cervical cancer. 

Sometimes a treatment called bevacizumab is given for advanced cervical cancer. It is usually given in combination with chemotherapy drugs. New targeted therapies are being developed all the time and existing therapies are being used in new ways.

You may also be given a targeted therapy as part of a clinical trial. Ask your doctor if there are any targeted therapies available to treat your cancer or if there are any trials that are suitable for you.


Immunotherapy drugs help the body’s natural defences or immune system to fight cancer cells. The newest class of systemic therapy (cancer treatment that targets the entire body) are immune checkpoint inhibitors. Checkpoint inhibitors work by blocking proteins that stop the immune system from killing cancer cells. One type of checkpoint inhibitor used in treating cervical cancer is Pembrolizumab.

These types of treatments are not suitable for everyone. Your doctor and nurse will discuss your treatment options with you.

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