Where your money goes

The Irish Cancer Society is the national cancer charity in Ireland (charity number CHY5863) with the mission to improve the lives of those affected by cancer. We do this by funding life-saving, collaborative cancer research, providing up to date information about cancer, delivering a range of services to improve the lives of people living with cancer and their families, and by influencing change and raising awareness of cancer issues at the government level.

The impact of your support in 2015:

Since 2010 we've invested over €14 million in cancer research

Since 1963 - thanks to supporters like you - we have invested over €30 million into hundreds of innovative research projects making the Irish Cancer Society the largest voluntary funder of cancer research in Ireland.

Five year survival rates have risen to 60% since 2012. Find out about our research projects and how our research is making a difference.

Irish Cancer Society Night Nurses provided 7,956 nights of care to cancer patients and their families

Our night nursing service provides end of life care for cancer patients and their families in their own home.

The Irish Cancer Society is the only charity in Ireland providing this service.

Our specialist cancer nurses fielded 10,924 enquiries on the Cancer Nurseline Freephone 1800 200 700

Our Cancer Nurseline, staffed by specialist cancer nurses, provides comprehensive cancer support, advice and information to patients, carers, the general public and healthcare professionals.

The Nurseline can be accessed by Freephone 1800 200 700, by email at cancernurseline@irishcancer.ie or online via our online community.

28,117 people across Ireland got one-to-one cancer information, support and advice in our Daffodil Centres

Our Daffodil Centres are located in 13 hospitals nationwide.

They are information and resource centres, staffed by specialist cancer nurses and volunteers providing cancer information, support and advice and providing a wide range of information to anyone affected by or concerned about cancer.

Volunteer drivers provided 8,266 cancer patient journeys, caring for patients from home to hospital and back

Our patient travel service provides transport for cancer patients to and from their hospital chemotherapy treatments.

We have invested over €30 million from voluntary donations into hundreds of innovative research projects, which have made over 700 new findings.

Funded research

We provide information, advice and support where needed--in hospitals, over the phone and online, as well as services and support networks for cancer patients and their families.

Our services

We work to influence decision-makers at government level around cancer and other health issues and empower advocates to help influence cancer policies.

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Our annual report

We want you to know where your donated money is spent and what we do in the Irish Cancer Society. This report gives you a rundown on what your donation has helped us do in 2015.

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