Patient travel

Volunteer driver Margaret greeting a woman by her car

If you’re undergoing cancer treatment, we can help ease some of the strain of travelling to and from your appointments.

Cancer treatment often involves a good deal of travel for patients. You may already be dealing with the physical and emotional strains of a cancer diagnosis, and if you’re finding it difficult getting to and from your appointments, we have two programmes designed to help you with transport:

Volunteer Driver Service: a transport service for patients (Funded by the Irish Cancer Society)
Our Volunteer Driver Service is mainly for patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments who have difficulty getting to and from their local appointments. Read more.

Travel2Care: a funding scheme for transportation costs 
Travel2Care is a fund, made available by the National Cancer Control Programme, established by the HSE, for patients who are having difficulty getting to and from their treatments while attending one of the eight cancer centres of excellence. Read more.

Date Last Reviewed: 
Monday, January 18, 2016