Daffodil Day

It’s Daffodil Day’s 30th anniversary this year! Help us celebrate and turn Ireland yellow on Friday, 24 March! Join thousands of volunteers around Ireland selling daffodil pins and flowers (on streets, in businesses, homes and shopping centres) and hold Daffodil Day events to raise money for the Society’s free, nationwide services for those with, and affected by, cancer in Ireland.

Get involved on Daffodil Day

There are many ways to get involved--hold an event, sell daffodil pins, or volunteer on Daffodil Day itself.

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Learn more about what Daffodil Day is about

It’s Daffodil Day’s 30th anniversary! Find out more about the history of Daffodil Day.

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Make a donation to our Garden of Hope on Daffodil Day

Plant a paper daffodil with your own personalised messages of hope and remembrance in our Garden of Hope.

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