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Daffodil Diaries

People are at the heart of Daffodil Day - people with cancer and their loved ones; people who volunteer; people who fundraise; people who deliver our vital cancer services.

Learn more about the people Daffodil Day supports and our supporters.

People living with and beyond cancer

Stories of cancer patients and survivors

Margaret and Sinead
Daffodil Diaries 2024: The Walsh Family

“When I was told I had cancer, I said 'I don't have time for this, I have a child to get better'.”

Kristine K
Daffodil Diaries 2024: Kristine

"I think my doctors were surprised by my attitude. They said I was unique"

Daffodil Diaries 2024 : Jacinta

"My jaw just hit the floor. I really wasn’t expecting a stomach cancer diagnosis, and I was in a bit of a blur"

Katie Kennedy
Daffodil Diaries 2024 : Katie

"I noticed that my right breast had gotten bigger and this wasn’t normal for me" 

lauren b
Daffodil Diaries 2024: Lauren

“Coming to terms with the fact that your life is put on pause in some ways, is strange.”

Pauline and her husband
Daffodil Diaries 2024: Pauline

I hadn’t had an eye test since I was a child, and that you could get cancer in your eye, which a simple eye test could detect, never occurred to me

Daffodil Diaries 2024: Samantha

“Always follow your instincts. My gut was telling me that something wasn’t right in my body. Sometimes you have to push for further testing, you know your own body best”

Daffodil Diaries 2024: Mairead

"There is still a life with and after a cancer diagnosis”

Daffodil Diaries 2024: Natalie

“I have to say, through the whole experience, my husband was incredible. For a guy who couldn’t initially boil an egg, he really rallied around me and the kids. I don’t know what I would have done without all the support."

Daffodil Diaries 2024: Jacqui

"I have learnt that each day is a blessing.”

Daffodil Diaries 2024: Lynn

"I ask myself, what can my family and community gain from my experience?”

Daffodil Diaries 2024: Lisa

“My Irish Cancer Society nurse has been amazing and has been there for me every step of the way. This support was invaluable.”

Daffodil Diaries 2024: Jacinta

"If you are like me and living with cancer, try live your life as normal as you can. Don’t beat yourself up when you know you can’t do something. Be empathetic with yourself."

Daffodil Diaries 2024: Suzanne

"Ovarian cancer can be difficult to catch, so it’s so important to be vigilant of any little changes that take place in your body. Always get yourself checked out and push for answers.”

Daffodil Diaries 2024: Kim

“Hearing the words was surreal. Even though I pretty much knew what was coming, to hear it said out loud, it took me back. I was only 36 at the time, so felt I was too young for cancer."

Daffodil Diaries 2024: Susan

“Before my diagnosis, I didn’t have my priorities right in my life, now I’m doing one thing at a time and life is less stressful."

Anu Varghese Daffodil Day banner
Daffodil Diaries 2024: Anu

"Having the Irish Cancer Society Volunteer Driver service was such a blessing. It was incredible, someone was always waiting to bring me to chemo and bring me home."

Martina Balfe
Daffodil Diaries 2024: Martina

“I’m sharing my story to let people know that what you’re feeling is valid. The counselling really helped me to prepare for that. You do worry it will come back."

Joseph image
Daffodil Diaries 2024: Joseph

“If my story helps one person, I’ll be happy. I think especially men can put things off, but if there is something wrong, go get it checked. It mightn’t be serious but go get it sorted. If I hadn’t, I might not be here today to tell my story.”

Daffodil Diaries 2024: Evelyn

“I look back now and I think ‘what was I made of?’ You never realise how strong you can be, and what you can get through."

edel c
Daffodil Diaries 2024: Edel

"If you don't feel right, or have any doubts at all, get checked out again. It’s so important.”

Bridget Carr Daff Frame
Daffodil Diaries 2024: Bridget

“Being involved in that research started me on a journey and since then, I’ve thrown myself into things because it is so important that the patient’s voice gets heard.”

Colm Murphy Daff Frame
Daffodil Diaries 2024: Colm

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I get to give back and be there for people going through what my own Caroline did three times.”

Aileen White Daff Frame
Daffodil Diaries 2024: Aileen

“We were getting married abroad in May and the diagnosis made me more determined than ever to push ahead with our wedding as I wanted to ensure that my husband and children would be protected and financially supported.”

Melanie Hudson - Daff Frame
Daffodil Diaries 2024: Melanie

“I think we need to create that awareness around different treatments and how not everybody will look and go through the same thing when they have cancer.”

Deirdre O'Raw Daff Frame
Daffodil Diaries 2024: Deirdre

“Now that I know the signs and symptoms of this cancer, I know the importance of raising awareness and that’s why I want to share my story”

Andrea Clarke Daff Frame
Daffodil Diaries 2024: Andrea

“I am living with advanced, incurable cancer but I have to say, the medically induced menopause has actually been more difficult to deal with. It has hit me like a train.”

Deborah Murphy Daff Frame
Daffodil Diaries 2024: Debbie

“It’s almost as if I had to de-programme myself from associating cancer with death, which is much easier said than done.”

Adam Thompson Daff Frame
Daffodil Diaries 2024: Adam

“Even if just one person reads my story and says okay, my next birthday, I’m getting a check-up, that would be worth me sharing what I’ve gone through.”

Robyn Finucane Daff Frame
Daffodil Diaries 2024: Robyn

“That has been the big thing for me to come to terms with – just how lucky I was to notice the lump and to get it checked out when I did.”

Daffodil Diaries 2024: Fionnuala

"It’s hard to believe I was thinking of giving that BreastCheck appointment a miss – I’m like a posterchild for BreastCheck now!"

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