Treatment for high-grade non-Hodgkin lymphoma

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High-grade NHL treatment: Early stage (Stage 1A) 

  • Radiotherapy to the affected lymph nodes: Using high energy rays to destroy the cancer cells. Read more about radiotherapy
  • Drug treatments: Using chemotherapy and other drugs called monoclonal antibodies, often along with radiotherapy. 


Most people are diagnosed with later-stage lymphoma, as you may not have any symptoms in the early stage.

High-grade NHL treatment: All other stages 

  • Drug treatment: Intensive chemotherapy using a combination of drugs to shrink high-grade lymphomas very quickly. You may also have a monoclonal antibody, for example, Rituximab. Steroids can help to kill the lymphoma cells and improve how the chemotherapy works.  They can also help with side-effects like feeling sick. 
  • Intrathecal chemotherapy: Chemotherapy injected into your spinal fluid during a lumbar puncture. Used for lymphomas affecting your brain and spinal cord. 

High-grade lymphomas usually respond very well to treatment. Many people are cured or stay in remission for a long time, with a good quality of life. If it does come back (relapse), it can be treated again. 

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