Stomas and sex

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If you have a stoma it may change the way you feel about your body. You may also have concerns about how your partner will react. Try to talk to your partner about the way you are feeling. Talking can help to ease your anxiety. If you need more advice, talk to your doctor. They can refer you for special counselling if you feel it would help.

Food and drink

It is best to limit your food intake before sex. Also, watch the types of food you eat. You could plan times for sex when a bowel movement is less likely. Although the ostomy pouch is usually changed when about one-third full, you should empty the pouch before sexual intimacy.


You may be afraid that the bag will interfere with sex, become dislodged or cause damage to the stoma. But an empty and flat bag will not become loose from the stoma. It can be rolled up or taped down so it will not get in the way.

Decorative covers

It is possible to wear decorative covers as well. There is also a variety of pouches to suit your needs. Your stoma care nurse can give you advice on any of these matters. There is now a wide range of stoma covers and accessories available to buy online.

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