Get your school or college involved in Daffodil Day

Turn your school or college yellow this Daffodil Day!

By turning your school or college yellow this March you are making a huge difference in the lives of those affected by cancer. Encourage your school or college to take part in Daffodil Day - hold a yellow event and do a collection for Daffodil Day at the same time. 

Hold a Daffodil Day event at your school

Daffodil Day school events

Support the fight against cancer by organising an event in your school or college.

Here are some fun ways to get your school involved on Daffodil Day:

  • Host a Daff Fest! – Go crazy and decorate your school Yellow, have the students wear yellow on the day, have the students draw or colour Daffodils to decorate your halls.
  • Face painting – ask a teacher or local face painter to paint the kids’ faces for a donation.
  • Cake Sale – ask the class to bring in some baked goods and sell to the rest of the school.
  • Talent Contest – have your students host a talent show and charge a donation at the door.

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Take to the streets of your community and volunteer on Daffodil Day (Friday, 22 March 2019)

Students volunteering on Daffodil Day

Each year on Daffodil Day thousands of people across the country volunteer a few hours selling daffodil pins and silk daffodils on the streets in their community. If you are interested in volunteering a few hours with you and your students, we'd be grateful for the help! To learn more, send us an email.

If you are a school that would like to volunteer your time selling daffodils on Daffodil Day, please email us directly.

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