What are the types of uterine (womb) cancer?

womb cancer diagram

There are two main types of uterine (womb) cancer: endometrial cancer and sarcoma of the womb.

Endometrial cancer: Nearly all uterine cancers (95%) affect the endometrium – the lining of the uterus. They are called endometrial cancers. The most common type of endometrial cancer is adenocarcinoma. Other less common types of endometrial cancers include:

• Clear cell carcinoma

• Serous carcinoma

• Carcinosarcoma – also referred to as MMMT. This is a mix of carcinoma and sarcoma

Sarcoma of the womb: This cancer affects the muscle layers of the uterus rather than the lining. The most common type is leiomyosarcoma. It is much less common than endometrial cancer.

Your doctor or specialist nurse will explain the type of uterine cancer that you have. The different types of uterine cancers can behave differently.

Knowing the type of uterine (womb) cancer you have will help your medical team to decide on the best treatment for you. 

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