What are the types of testicular cancer?

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Knowing what type of testicular cancer you have can help your doctors plan your treatment.

Germ cell tumours

Most testicular cancers are germ cell tumours. Germ cells are cells that make sperm. There are two types of germ cell tumours, known as seminomas or non-seminomas.


These usually develop between the ages of 30 and 50. They tend to grow slowly and respond very well to treatment. Men with a seminoma are at lower risk of cancer having spread at the time of diagnosis.


These tend to develop earlier in life than seminomas. They peak in men age 20-35. They include teratomas, embryonal cancers and mixed germ-cell tumours. They tend to grow and spread faster. Men with non-seminoma tumours are more likely to need additional treatment after surgery. These cancers are still highly curable in most cases, even if they have spread.

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