What are the types of ovarian cancer?

Doctor and female patient

The cancer is found in the surface layer that covers your ovary. This is the most common type of ovarian cancer.  9 out of 10 ovarian cancer cases are epithelial. There are several types of epithelial cancers, with serous and endometrioid being the most common.

Less common types of epithelial ovarian cancer are mucinous, clear cell and undifferentiated.

Germ cell tumours
These start in the ovary cells that produce eggs. They are rare and tend to affect younger women. Only about 2 in every 100 cases of ovarian cancer are germ cell tumours.

Stromal cell tumours
A rare type that affects the tissues that support and keep your ovaries in place. Only about 1 in 100 cases of ovarian cancer are this type. 

Borderline tumours
Borderline tumours have cells that are very like normal cells in your ovary. They usually grow slowly and have not spread into the normal tissue around your ovary. They are generally diagnosed at an early stage. Usually they are fully cured by surgery.

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