How is myeloma staged?

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The tests you have can help to stage your cancer. Staging means finding out:

  • Your type of cancer
  • How it might affect you
  • How best to treat your illness

Staging is important as it helps your medical team decide on the best treatment for your cancer. 

Myeloma is normally staged using the international staging system. This system looks at the levels of two proteins in your blood. 

  • Beta-2 microglobulin
  • Albumin 

The level is described as the number of grams (g) or micrograms (mg) of the protein in every decilitre (dl) or litre (l) of blood.

Stage 1

  • Beta-2 microglobulin = Less than 3.5mg/l 
  • Albumin  = Greater than or equal to 3.5g/dl

Stage 2

  • Beta-2 microglobulin = Somewhere between stage 1 and stage 3 levels
  • Albumin  = Somewhere between stage 1 and stage 3 levels

Stage 3

  • Beta-2 microglobulin = Greater than or equal to 5.5mg/l 

If multiple myeloma comes back after the first course of treatment, it is known as relapsed or recurrent multiple myeloma.

Staging can be hard to understand, so ask your doctor and nurse for more information if you need it.

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