Caring for your urostomy

If you have a urostomy, you will need to wear a waterproof bag over the stoma to collect the urine. This bag is called a urostomy bag. You can empty the bag as often as needed. The bag clicks onto a special bib called a flange that sticks to the skin around the opening.

Tips and hints: Living with a urostomy

  • The urostomy bag will usually last 3 to 5 days. Do not change it earlier unless you have to. Removing the adhesive flange can irritate and damage the skin around your stoma, causing soreness.
  • If the bag leaks, change it as soon as you can. The longer your skin is exposed to urine, the more damage to your skin will occur.
  • The flange will not stick so well to moist or damaged skin. This may cause odours and leaking bags.
  • Empty the pouch before it gets too full as the weight of the urine may ‘pull’ on the flange. This can cause the flange to come away from your skin.
  • It is normal to find mucus in your urine. The part of your bowel used to form the urostomy makes the mucus.
  • Make sure you are using a flange of the correct size. Your stoma may get smaller as time goes on.
  • Keep enough supplies so you don’t run out. You may wish to keep a spare bag in the car or at work in case the urostomy needs to be changed. Keep a plastic bag handy for getting rid of your old bag.
  • When you go on holiday, remember to take enough supplies with you.
  • Find out about stoma accessories to help make you more comfortable. These include girdles, support belts, deodorisers, wipes, skin protective wipes, lotions and creams, adhesive removers, stoma paste, rings and disposal bags.

Getting advice:

  • Your stoma nurse and other nurses will teach you how to care for your urostomy at hospital.
  • The community stoma nurse can help you once you go home.
  • Someone who has already learned to live with a urostomy may have useful tips on managing the bag. Ask your nurse if they can put you in touch with someone.

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