Tests after a bile duct cancer diagnosis

Doctor talking to a male patient

You may have more tests after your diagnosis to find out:

  • How large is the cancer?
  • Where exactly is the cancer?
  • Has the cancer spread to any other parts of your body?

This is called staging. Staging tests for bile duct cancer include:

  • CT scan: A special type of X-ray to give a picture of the tissues inside your body.
  • MRI scan: A scan that uses magnetic energy to build up a picture of the tissues inside your body. During the scan you will lie inside a tunnel-like machine. 
  • Ultrasound scan: A device like a microphone passed over your tummy to give a picture of your kidney, bladder and nearby organs. It can show any abnormal changes. 

Staging is important as it helps your medical team decide on the best treatment for your cancer.

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