Saoirse and Roseanna Ruane

'We are so thankful for all the joy we have witnessed through Saoírse's recovery' - Roseanna

“Isn't life just amazing? It can bring you to your knees in a heartbeat, yet raise you again with such grateful hearts. We are so thankful for all the joy we have witnessed through Saoírse's recovery,” says Roseanna Ruane of Galway.

“Going through something as big as childhood cancer and a leg amputation and being as heroic and inspirational as Saoírse is has helped us open up about our journey, and in doing so we are hoping to help others.”

Roseanna’s 9-year-old daughter Saoírse was diagnosed with an Osteosarcoma tumour, a rare form of cancer in her tibia, in December 2019. Not only did Saoirse have to endure months of intense chemotherapy, but she also had to have her right leg amputated as a result of her diagnosis. Saoírse’s recovery has been going well, and this year Saoírse has returned to school, cycling and playing camogie - in between weekly physio and hydrotherapy sessions.

“The hardest challenge was being a split family during Saoírse's treatment. Saoírse and I were in Dublin and my husband and baby girl Farrah Rose were in Galway. It was incredibly lonely, and Covid made it much more difficult,” Roseanna recalls.

This Carer’s Week, Roseanna’s advice to other family carers is to “Take all the help you can get and remind yourself that this is just part of a process and you will come through the storm.”

It’s important for family carers to find ways to practice self-care, whatever that might look like for you: “I listen to podcasts and try to get out for fresh air everyday,” says Roseanna about her self-care practices.

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