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Overseas marathons

Overseas Marathons

Why not take on the ultimate challenge of running a marathon in one of the world's most beautiful cities?

You can fulfill your goal while raising vital funds for the Irish Cancer Society. Find out more through the links below

Overseas marathons FAQ

How can I secure guaranteed entry?

You can find out more information about entry for each marathon by clicking on the links above.

Can I fundraise to cover the cost of my package?

Yes! You have two options when it comes to fundraising. You can choose to cover the cost of the package yourself and pay Sports Travel International directly. In this case, there is no minimum fundraising target so you can set your own. Alternatively, you can pay your package deposit to secure your spot and fundraise for the balance of the package, as well as the minimum fundraising target.

What is the minimum fundraising target?

If you choose to self-fund and pay for the package in full yourself, there is no minimum fundraising target. You can set your own and simply raise as much as you can.

If you would like to use some of your fundraising towards the cost of your package, in addition to the cost of it, we ask for a fundraising commitment to help support Irish Cancer Society services and research. You can find out about the fundraising commitment for each marathon through the links above.

What if I have secured my own place?

If you have secured your own place, all you have to do is email to register and become part of team Irish Cancer Society.

What will I receive when I run for the Irish Cancer Society?

Once registered you will receive a Team Irish Cancer Society running singlet, fundraising pack and access to online resources as well as support from the Fundraising Team to help maximise your fundraising and keep you up to date with the difference you are making.

Can I run a marathon for the Irish Cancer Society if I live outside Ireland?

Yes! Taking part in a marathon is a great way to support the Irish Cancer Society. If you have secured your own place in an overseas marathon all you have to do is email to register and become part of team Irish Cancer Society. Please get in touch as soon as possible so that we can send your singlet in plenty of time before the race, as there can be delays with international postage. 

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