Cups Against Breast Cancer - Hints and Tips

woman and child holding cup

Hosting a virtual coffee morning is simple, just follow the below steps:

Lara with mug

Register for your downloadable coffee morning pack. Once registered you’ll be sent downloads you can use for your event.

Calendar with days circled

Pick a date - we recommend the week of October 5th - 11th but you can host all throughout October.

Video call

Choose your platform – You can host your coffee morning on any video chat platform. Check out our how to below on Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype.

Sign up to email

Send your invite – Let your friends know the date and time. The best thing about virtual is you can include family and friends from around the world, just set a time that works for everyone! 

You can send the invite through email or Whatsapp. To help spread the word even further, create a Facebook event for your virtual coffee morning. This will make inviting everyone easier and you can do a countdown for your guests to the big day!


Set up your online giving page –  with your own personal JustGiving fundraising page you can make it easy for your guests to donate to your coffee morning. You can share the link on your Facebook event and send to friends and family on whatsapp.

woman and child holding cup

Host your coffee morning – Ask your friends and family to kindly donate as much as they can to support breast cancer patients. Why not check out some of the tips below on activities to host at your event to raise extra donations?

Social media icons

#Share – Don’t forget to take a photo or screenshot of all your guests with their coffee mugs and treats to share on social media. You can tag @IrishCancerSociety and use #CupsAgainstBreastCancer. Spread the word about your successful coffee morning!

Getting technical
Tips for the day, making sure your computer is set up!
  • If you can, use a laptop or computer with a camera so your screen can have all of your guests on it. On phones it can be tough to see everyone who is on the video call.
  • Set your computer up in a well-lit area with little to no noise, you want everyone to hear you, not the lawn mower next door!
  • Check your microphone and sound before the call so you can spend time talking with your guests instead of messing around with your computer. 
  • Have a run through with a family member or close friend to ensure everything is working.
  • Download the Cups Against Breast Cancer wallpaper background from your downloads pack. Have it as your background for your coffee morning so guests can know exactly what the coffee morning is for – supporting breast cancer patients and their families across Ireland.
Make the most of your virtual coffee morning
There are lots of fun activities you can bring to your virtual coffee morning this October, check out some ideas below:
  1. Download – Check out the downloads we have created to make your event a success. Once registered you will receive your downloadable fundraising pack. 
  2. Spread the word – It is so important to be breast health aware. Spread this infographic with your family and friends at the event and ask them to share with theirs.
  3. Get decorating – Set a challenge with friends and family before the event for the best decorated cupcake, brownie, oatcake etc. Maybe charge €2 per vote. The winner gets bragging rights and a personalised winner’s certificates.
  4. Quiz time – Why not host a quiz at your event too? Get out your encyclopaedia or use the questions available in your downloads pack
  5. Get guessing – Fill a jar with cookies or sweets and ask your guests to guess the number. Why not ask for a small donation to enter? Send the picture before the day and announce the winner at the event.
  6. Get dressed up – Have fun with a theme or fancy dress code, ask your guests to wear all pink or put on their best pyjamas for a photo to share on social media. You can share photos on social media of quirky outfit ideas in the lead up to your coffee morning to get people thinking of what they want to wear. Hand out certificates for best dressed on the day, anyone not following the dress code on the day has to donate €10!
  7. Pictionary – Get artistic with your friends and have a game of Pictionary at your coffee morning. 
  8. Raise funds – Ask your family and friends to donate what they can before or at your event. Not sure what to ask for? Why not suggest your friends donate what they would normally give at a coffee morning or ask your friends to donate what they would spend on a normal night out?