Coping with cancer

An Irish Cancer Society nurse counselling a patient

Dealing with the cancer itself is only one aspect of coping.

Financial concerns, relationships with family and friends and work worries can pile on the stress when you least need it.

You can find information in these pages on the wider effects of cancer and how you can best deal with them.

Most people diagnosed with cancer experience a range of emotions. Recognising these feelings and emotions can help you to cope better with your diagnosis.

How to cope

Talking to family & friends

Dealing with pain

Managing money

Life after treatment

Counsellor talking to a woman

Find out about caring for someone with cancer, including medical, practical and emotional care, how the carer can care for himself/herself, caring for someone with advanced cancer and life after caring.

Information for carers

Support for parents

Palliative care

Managing money

Talk to other carers

Resources for young carers

If you are the family, friend or partner of someone facing a cancer diagnosis, we provide a range of supports and resources to help you cope.


Palliative care

Bereavement support

Online community

Understanding the needs of an employee with cancer and effectively managing the work-related challenges they face can benefit both the employee and the organisation as a whole.

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