Blood Cancer Awareness

  • Make Blood Cancer Visible
  • Make Blood Cancer Visible

September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month. Though there has been a lot of progress in treating blood cancer, it remains the 4th most common cause of cancer-related death in Ireland. Through our awareness campaign we want more people to be aware of the impact of blood cancers and spot the signs and symptoms so they can be diagnosed and treated earlier. Learn more about blood cancers.

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The Irish Cancer Society is working with Chronic Lymphocitic Leukaemia Ireland (CLLI), Multiple Myeloma Ireland and Janssen to forge a coalition of support for blood cancer patients across Ireland and raise awareness.

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Blood cancer refers to any number of different types of cancer that affect the blood, including leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma. Learn all about these different types of blood cancers including incidence rates and signs and symptoms.

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View our series of informational videos providing practical advice and support for people living with blood cancer and their carers, created with the help of blood cancer care experts.

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Blood cancer research

Funded by the Irish Cancer Society and Science Foundation Ireland, Blood Cancer Network Ireland (BCNI) is a collaborative network of clinicians, scientists, and population health experts across Galway, Cork and Dublin with a shared interest in blood cancer research.

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Blood cancer patient perspectives

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Patient Perspectives is a collection of personal stories from across Europe, shared by individuals affected by blood cancer.

We hope that sharing these stories and experiences will build greater awareness of the true impact of these cancers and help patients, their family members, carers and friends.

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