Promote your event

In order for you to make your event a success, you need to get the word out and raise awareness about it.

On this page we'll give you tips on how to promote your event, as well as how to run it as smoothly as possible so you have as much fun as your guests do!

Promoting your fundraising event

Get online

Create an online fundraising page

Create an online personalised fundraising pageThrough our partners at, you can quickly and easily create a personal web page to support your fundraising! Creating a page is free, easy and allows you to send out emails and post on social media and collect donations from your family, friends and co-workers. Your supporters can donate safely online using their debit or credit card or through PayPal.

Funds are automatically transferred to our bank accounts, so you don't have to worry about sending in money after your event.

You can also use your page to tell your story by uploading a photo or a video that captures why you're raising money for the fight against cancer. Having a compelling story on your page shows you really care about the cause and supporters will be more likely to give.

Use social media

The more places you can promote your event, the better!

  • Create a Facebook Event - Use your Facebook Page to create a Facebook Event dedicated to your fundraiser. Make sure it's updated with all the details--date, time, location, and include a link to buy tickets or donate to you if you have such a link.
  • Share your Facebook Event - Invite all your friends, family and co-workers to your event using Facebook's built-in invitations. But don't stop there--start sharing your event on any Facebook Page that is a good match for your event. Share to the Irish Cancer Society Facebook Page so we can re-share your event and draw more awareness to it. Consider sharing it on your local newspaper, church, school or company Facebook Page too.
  • Tweet it - If you use Twitter, tag us (@IrishCancerSoc) so we can re-tweet your event!
  • Instagram it - If you use Instagram, post a picture and tag us (@IrishCancerSoc) so we can re-post your instagram to raise awareness.
  • Google - It doesn't hurt to use your Google account to post about your event in Google+. Even though not a lot of people use Google+ for social media, Google still favours Google+ posts in Google search results so it can't hurt to post about your event this way--if people are searching online for information about your event, this will make it easier to find.
  • Video - Capture video, either before, during or after and post it on your YouTube channel. Consider using Facebook's new live streaming ability to broadcast your event live from your Facebook Page when it's happening!

Traditional promotions

A clear, colourful poster with the details of your event and the fact you’re raising money for a good cause will go a long way towards creating a buzz and building a crowd for your event. Talk to our fundraising team about using our logo on your poster.

Talk to your local media about getting coverage. We can help: ask our fundraising team about our Local Media Relations and Publicity Campaign Guide.

Spread the word

  • Email - A quick email is a great way to tell your friends what you’re up to. You can even send an ‘e-invite’ or ‘meeting request’ to keep them in the loop.

  • Letters - How would you feel if a good friend or family member sent you a letter telling you they are organising a fundraiser in aid of a good cause and asking you to help them out with a donation or by coming along on the day? Would you say no? Of course not, and that’s why it works.

During the event

Stay cool: you should have fun on the day. Here are some simple guidelines to stay focused and organised on the day itself:

  • Stick to your plan, but be flexible if you need to make changes.

  • Make sure you have the committee delegated to different jobs so that one person isn’t trying to do several jobs at once.

  • Have a cash handling plan in place. Depending on your event you might be taking in a lot of sponsorship money or ticket money on the day and you won’t want it sitting around all day unsupervised.

  • Don’t forget to include lots of ways for people to donate or support the Irish Cancer Society and don’t be afraid to ask - remember, this is a fundraising event so people expect to be asked to donate.

  • Have some donation buckets around the venue for people’s spare change.

  • Organise a raffle, auction or other activities that people can participate in exchange for donations.

Last but not least, enjoy yourself. Fundraising and supporting the work of the Irish Cancer Society should be fun so don’t get to stressed, remember to kick back and enjoy the experience.

After the event

Say thank you

Make sure to thank everybody that you speak to personally for supporting the event and let them know what it means to you and to those that will benefit from the funds you raise. If there is a microphone or an opportunity to say a few words, take it.

Lodge your funds

The funds you raise during your event can be submitted online via our online sponsorship form.