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  • No woman should have to face breast cancer alone. You can make sure they don't have to.

“It was couple of days after my diagnosis, and I rang on my way home from the clinic and talked to Roz. I was crying and venting – I didn’t have to be brave for her like I did with my friends. She really listened, and she gave me wonderful advice on how to look after myself in those first few weeks. Afterwards, I felt so much braver. Roz hadn’t dismissed my fears, but she had helped me to face them.”
- Rosie, breast cancer survivor

Last year over 55,000 people looked to us for support as they or a family member were diagnosed with cancer; and this year that number is set to grow. Your donation helps make sure that despite the challenges they're facing, they never have to feel alone.

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If you donate €250 or more in total in any one year, we can reclaim tax paid at no extra cost to you.
The impact of your donation today: €40 can help provide vital clinical equipment for a Night Nurse who will care for a patient in their home towards the end of their cancer journey
The impact of your donation today: €60 covers the cost of a counselling session through cancer support centres around the country so that cancer patients and their families can access emotional support during and after their cancer journey
The impact of your donation today: €120 will cover the cost of five spill kits for Volunteer Drivers in the event a patient is ill in their vehicle while being transported to and from chemotherapy appointments.

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