David's marathon story

Meet David from Dublin, who ran the Paris Marathon in April 2016 and chose Irish Cancer Society as his charity of choice.

"My name is David Comerford and I am from North Dublin. I am an avid supporter of the work of the Irish Cancer Society and the vital role they play in peoples lives.

"On the 3rd of April 2016 I ran the Schneider Electric Paris Marathon, my first by the way to raise as much as I can for this cause.

"I started training last October and I couldn't run 1km without being out of poof. I thought how am I going to complete 42.195km exactly. I changed my diet, gave up all alcohol since December besides a poor substitute non alcoholic beer. I am now running 6 days a week, minimum 12km and maximum to date 35km.

"You ask why at 34 do I want to do this? Good question...

"Well firstly for myself, the achievement of it but also because I wanted to run for people who cant, who are sick, people in treatment, people where its to late for treatment and the families who sit/sleep by their loved ones bedside night after night and stand up to this Big 'C'.

"I have lost family and friends through cancer. I lost my grandfather Paddy Comerford on New years eve as the clock struck midnight into 2015, a real character and a man for the jokes. I also lost a great friend, Colm Glennon or Col to the people who new him, a true gentlemen, a true family man. I run for what the Irish Cancer Society do achieve now and strive to achieve in the future to treat and ultimately cure Cancer.

"My goal was to cross that finishing line even on my hands and knees:) and I did it. It was an unbelievable experience and one I will never forget.”

A big thank you to David for sharing his story with us.

If you would also like to take part in an unforgettable experience, consider taking on a domestic marathon or an overseas marathon and partnering with the Irish Cancer Society. Your support funds life-saving cancer research, as well as delivers vital services for people with cancer.