Radiotherapy DVDs

Understanding Radiation Therapy – A Patient Pathway

Today radiotherapy is being used more and more to treat cancer. Often it is part of a treatment plan that can include surgery and chemotherapy. Sometimes when reading about radiotherapy it can be hard to understand what exactly it is and what to expect. For this reason, the Irish Cancer Society has sponsored the making of a special DVD to show and explain what is involved.

Filmed in the Radiation Oncology Dept of Cork University Hospital in 2007, the DVD shows the planning, treatment and machines involved, similar to what happens in other radiotherapy departments around the country. However, information and services may vary between hospitals.

How radiotherapy works and the different stages involved are clearly explained. Also, the common side-effects are discussed, though some people experience few or none. These can be short term such as skin redness or long term such as fatigue. Advice is given on how to cope with or treat these effects

Some frequently asked questions (FAQs) are also answered. For example, radiotherapy is painless and does not make you radioactive. You will not lose your hair unless it is in the area being treated.

Contact numbers for radiation oncology departments in Dublin, Galway and Limerick are given. Information on support services is provided too.

If you would like more information about anything you have seen on the DVD, please contact the Cancer Nurseline 1800 200 700.

Understanding Radiation Therapy - part 1

Understanding Radiation Therapy - part 2

Understanding Radiation Therapy - part 3

Understanding Radiation Therapy - FAQ