Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month September

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, a month where around the world people come together to raise awareness of childhood cancer and pay tribute to all those affected. 

Virtual Panel Part 1

To mark this month we held a virtual panel with our expert team. They discussed useful resources for families affected by a childhood cancer diagnosis. Watch the full video to find out more. To watch the video please accept the cookie the 

Virtual Panel part 2

 Cost of Living Supports

Support for Teens

Children’s cancer charities and support groups

There are organisations and groups that can give you information and support if you’re caring for a child with cancer.  Some parents find it helps them to meet other people with similar fears and worries to share information and advice, and support each other. There may be support groups for particular cancer types, for parents, or groups at your local cancer support centre. 


Family illustration

Meet Elaine, our Childhood Cancer Co-Ordinator

Elaine joined the Society after many years working with Children’s Health Ireland (Crumlin) haematology oncology and transplant services.

Her expertise helps ensure the Irish Cancer Society is responding in the best possible way to the needs of children and families whose lives are disrupted by a cancer diagnosis.

The priority is to significantly enhance and expand the supports and services which we provide for children, young adults and their families  affected by cancer.

The aim is that every member of the family has access to the supports and services they need to reduce the burden of a cancer diagnosis.

“We can’t change the outcome of a cancer diagnosis but I believe with appropriate support and information we can make the journey easier for all involved,” she said.

Contact the Irish Cancer Society Support Line

If you would like to speak to a specialist cancer nurse about any issue relating to childhood cancer you can contact the Freephone Support Line on Freephone 1800 200 700