We Can Quit: my story

Here is a little look at how the We Can Quit programme has helped so many women in the last three years. 

The quality of support from the facilitators and the support the women gave to each other combined with access to free NRT all play an important role in encouraging and motivating women.

Some feedback from past participants 

"I can't recommend this highly enough. I just completed the 12 week course yesterday and I'm off the cigarettes 10 weeks... I would urge anyone considering to just go for it" "I found the programme excellent, the information and help I received was second to none. The two girls who ran the programme were so helpful and gave us the confidence to achieve the best. I have tried three times before but after doing this programme I feel so much more confident and sure I will stay off them for good." "Amazed at how support of a group is a great incentive to continue being positive about quitting." "I found this programme very helpful and the facilities brilliant. I would recommend the We Can Quit to anyone. " "Yes, I found the group sessions interesting, and creative, without judgement or lecturing. I am aware now practically of the effects of smoking, being part of a group helped." "Very good course, great support to be able to talk face to face with like minded smokers who wanted to quit then quit. Facilitators were excellent. Good information and advice plus easy to speak to. Plus the fact they were ex smokers helped." "Without this programme I would not have been so strong willed in giving up. The support has been amazing. Thank you."

For more information about the We Can Quit programme, please email creynolds@irishcancer.ie or call 01 2316 669