Volunteer driver John on why he drives 

For volunteer driver, John Hammond, the last fifteen months have proved challenging as he had to step down from his duties as a volunteer driver, bring patients to and from chemotherapy appointments. 

John, who became a volunteer driver in 2012, is delighted to finally be able to get back in the volunteer driver seat to help those in need again.

“Like many people I have had family members or friends who have been affected by cancer and, apart from supporting fundraising and organising a campus Daffodil Day at UCD, I was delighted that I could, in a very practical way, further support the Irish Cancer Society," he said.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, public health advice meant that volunteers in the “very high risk” category for COVID-19, which included people aged over 70, had to step down temporarily. This affected John, who is over 70 years old.

“It was of course, understandably so, frustrating not being involved due to the pandemic … Being aware of the shortage of volunteer drivers due to the pandemic, I was anxious to again offer my services as soon as it was feasible… particularly as I was now retired from “real work”!

With the vaccine roll-out up and running, the COVID-19 risk started to reduce. This meant that at the end of May we were able to invite all drivers to return to their volunteering role.

“Being invited back to re-join the service was great news to me and the comprehensive Covid-19 compliance guidelines issued by the Irish Cancer Society for the transportation of patients were clear and easily managed. Apart from the Covid related changes, the practical elements of the drives remain the same. Also, the excellent communications e-mail system ensures an efficient driving service for the administrators, the patients and the drivers," he said. 

John is happy to be back volunteering with us and we are delighted to have John back.

“Nowadays I do have the time to help others, and being a volunteer driver gives me the opportunity to help those who are less fortunate. All clients are appreciative of the service. The thought of having someone at their disposal for transport throughout the day is reassuring.”

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Our Volunteer Driver Service provides transport for cancer patients to and from their hospital chemotherapy treatments. 

Over 1,200 drivers around Ireland volunteer for the Irish Cancer Society Volunteer Driver Service to ease the strain of travel on cancer patients