TSJCI Partnership

Multi-million investment will foster outstanding cancer care in Ireland.



Irish Cancer Society partners with the Trinity St James’s Cancer Institute to fund new programmes integrating scientific discovery with patient care to pioneer novel ways to prevent, detect and treat cancer - in particular to address the rise in the incidence of gastrointestinal cancers among patients under fifty years of age.

Tuesday 16 May: The Irish Cancer Society has today announced a new partnership with Trinity College Dublin and St James’s Hospital designed to develop an outstanding programme of cancer treatment and care for patients in Ireland.

The five-year collaboration will see the Society invest €4.5million in several specific exemplar programmes aimed at delivering a new model of cancer care for patients in Ireland.

By investing in the Trinity St James’s Cancer Institute (TSJCI) the Irish Cancer Society aims to accelerate the translation of cancer research into new treatments and better support for patients.

The partnership will integrate Irish Cancer Society services into the hospital pathway and enhance the patient experience by ensuring better collaboration with patients across research, cancer clinical trials, clinical care, and education.

Irish Cancer Society CEO Averil Power said,

“Anyone affected by cancer in Ireland deserves access to outstanding cancer treatment and care. We know cancer cases are on the rise and now we’re faced with the unknown yet significant impact of the pandemic on those numbers. Our vision is an Ireland where no-one dies from cancer and to achieve that, we need to significantly step up the care and support available in Ireland.

Thirty-five years ago just 3/10 Irish people survived a cancer diagnosis. Today, 6/10 do. The pace of scientific and medical progress is so remarkable that with sufficient priority and investment, a future where no-one dies of cancer is now within our grasp.

 “Advances in cancer treatment are only made possible by research and we are very excited to partner with TSJCI to deliver cutting edge improvements in medicine directly to patients in the hospital environment.

“Life during and after a cancer diagnosis can be very difficult. Having the right supports around you and knowing you are not alone can really help people as they go through cancer.

“Our plan is to integrate Irish Cancer Society nurses and services at the heart of the hospital experience so we can ensure patients gets access to what they need as soon as that diagnosis is made.

“This major investment into cancer care in Ireland is only possible because of the continued support of our amazing fundraisers and volunteers. The Irish Cancer Society is 60 years old this year and we feel that this investment is a fitting way to pay tribute to all the volunteers, supporters, patients, and staff who have gone before us.”

Dr Linda Doyle, Provost and President of Trinity College Dublin, said: 

“I want to thank the Irish Cancer Society for this investment and I’m looking forward to a fantastic partnership. We have huge ambitions for cancer research in Trinity and for the Trinity St James Cancer Institute. Today’s announcement is a step towards realising those ambitions. I particularly welcome the partnership’s goal to accelerate the translation of research into new treatments and better supports for patients. I’m also glad to see that the experience of patients will be included in approaches to research, clinical trials, clinical care and education.”

Mr Noel Gorman, Interim CEO, St James’s Hospital said:

 “The challenges posed by cancer in Ireland are such that extensive targeted investment is required to bring about the improvements in facilities, treatment, research and education that will ensure the best outcomes for our patients in the decades to come.  This major investment by the ICS in TSJCI programmes for younger patients with gastrointestinal cancers is a statement of intent by both institutions to build a comprehensive collaboration which will address in a multidisciplinary fashion the myriad problems faced by patients with cancer.” 

Prof John Kennedy, Medical Director, Trinity St James’s Cancer Institute said:

“Today, the Irish Cancer Society (ICS) announced it is investing €4.5m to fund innovative cancer research and care at the Trinity St James’s Cancer Institute (TSJCI). The focus is on pioneering programmes that addresses an unmet need identified by the ICS and TSJCI, specifically for the increasing numbers of younger patients with gastrointestinal cancer.   It fits within a Comprehensive Cancer Care model, linking medicine and science, bringing relevant research to the patient, focussing a dedicated multidisciplinary team around an unmet need, and supporting clinicians to devote their time to both patient care and research.”

Professor Maeve Lowery, Academic Director, Trinity St James’s Cancer Institute said:

“At TSJCI we work to integrate scientific discovery with patient care to pioneer new ways to prevent, detect and treat cancer. The urgency of this is evidenced by a concerning rise in the incidence of gastrointestinal cancers among patients under fifty years of age. This significant investment by ICS will accelerate the delivery of innovative and comprehensive cancer services to Irish patients and facilitate a long- term partnership based on a shared mission to deliver the major improvements in cancer care that our patients deserve."