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The Irish Cancer Society welcomes the significant news today that Minister Stephen Donnelly has signed regulations that mean health warnings can be placed on alcohol products.

Director of Advocacy at the Irish Cancer Society, Rachel Morrogh, said: “Health labelling will empower people to make informed decisions about alcohol by raising awareness of the risk it poses to health. Alcohol is attributable to 1,000 cases of cancer[1] [2] in Ireland every year, and advocating for measures that will reduce this number has been a key focus of the Irish Cancer Society over recent years. 

“Today’s announcement shows that once again, Ireland is trailblazing in the area of public health legislation. Signing the labelling regulations into law is a clear statement that reducing preventable disease is a priority for Government. Research published last year indicated that there is strong support from the public for this measure too – people want to understand the health risks from alcohol consumption so they can then make an informed decision.

“The Irish Cancer Society is very proud that Ireland, yet again, has shown such leadership in the area of public health and has sent a global message that it is the country willing to take brave actions to help people attain better health.

“The Irish Cancer Society notes that there was considerable support from European and global health advocates[4] for the Ireland’s alcohol labelling plans and we hope that Minister Donnelly’s actions today pave the way for more countries to follow this move.

“Given the rising cases of cancer in Ireland and the devastation this causes families every day, we urge the Government to implement the regulations quickly after so many years of delay.”