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Irish Cancer Society responds to plight of Ukrainian cancer patients arriving in Ireland

As Ireland prepares to welcome the many thousands of people fleeing the tragic events in Ukraine, the Irish Cancer Society stands ready to support vulnerable cancer patients among this community.

We have already received requests for assistance from Ukrainian patients coming to Ireland.

To help cater to their needs we are establishing a Ukrainian translation service through our Freephone 1800 200 700 Support Line which will help ensure timely access to information and support. Further information is also available on our dedicated webpage at

We are also opening our Children’s Fund to any Ukrainian family who has travelled to Ireland with a child who has cancer.

We will be appointing a Ukrainian Crisis Coordinator so that we can respond to the changing needs of this community as they arrive and settle in Ireland over the coming weeks and months.

We remain in constant contact with our European counterparts, humanitarian organisations and Ukrainian healthcare professionals in Ireland to help coordinate the integration of cancer patients from Ukraine into the Irish health system. We continue to offer our support in any way possible at this time.

The Irish Cancer Society has also been in contact with Government on the need to ensure Irish cancer services are in place to help meet the needs of the Ukrainian patient community as they arrive in this country.

At a time of such strife and adversity, it is our duty as Irish and European citizens to show solidarity and compassion with the newest members of our society, and we look forward to working with our counterparts across the health and voluntary sector to assist them in any way we can.

We welcome any help in this effort, including from trained counsellors with Ukrainian or Russian language skills, and from people interested in helping to drive patients arriving here without transport links to hospital appointments through our Volunteer Driver service.

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