September 3, 2012

Irish Cancer Society launches Get the Girls campaign

The Irish Cancer Society is calling on every woman in Ireland to come together and Get the Girls doing something throughout the months of September and October to combat breast cancer.

At the launch of its new campaign today, which is kindly supported by Centra, the Irish Cancer Society sent a rallying call to all women to help  reach the next groundbreaking breast cancer discovery by raising funds for vital breast cancer research in Ireland.

Speaking about the new campaign Professor John Fitzpatrick, Head of Research, Irish Cancer Society said, “Research is absolutely vital for future improvements in cancer detection, treatment and diagnosis, and to ensure more and more people survive. We have made significant advances in breast cancer over the years. More and more women are being diagnosed earlier, and most importantly, because of improvements in treatments, more women are surviving. We know that research is the key to these advances. The Irish Cancer Society is committed to continuing its investment in cancer research, and we know that the next ground breaking discovery is not far away.”

TV3 presenter, Sybil MulCahy helping the Bugle Babes to launch Get the Girls Campaign

“One in ten women in Ireland will get breast cancer. Last year, the Irish Cancer Society invested €3.1 million in cancer research, €700,000 of which was invested in breast cancer research. We want to continue this crucial investment and we need the help of the public to do this. Getting involved in Get the Girls campaign will help us continue funding high quality breast cancer research across the country.” continues Professor Fitzpatrick.

The Bugle Babes recorded a special "Get the Girls" jingle to coincide with the launch of the campaign:

The Get the Girls campaign is a fun way for women to get together and raise money for breast cancer research. There are so many ways to take part; you can Get the Girls ‘round with a girly movie night or come dine with me dinner party, Get the Girls dancing with a sponsored dance off, Get the Girls volunteering selling pink ribbons on October 5th, Get the Girls baking with a cake sale at work, Get the Girls running with a fun run - every activity counts! For more information visit or CallSave 1850 60 60 60. It is that easy to make a difference.

Get the Girls is kindly supported by Centra, Ireland's leading convenience retailer.

To get involved or CallSave 1850 60 60 60.

For information about breast cancer or breast health visit or call the National Cancer Helpline on Freefone 1800 200 700.