Irish Cancer Society hosts development workshop for researchers

In November the Irish Cancer Society ran the ‘Development Workshop for Researchers’. The workshop was facilitated by Melanie Jones the Researcher Development Lead at Liverpool John Moores University.
It is recognised that the research environment creates multiple demands, frustrations and pressures. Researchers can end up ‘being what they think about all day long’, which unfortunately can be things such as overwhelmed and powerless. How we control our thoughts and beliefs can be key in tackling these feelings. 

In recognition of this and as part of the Irish Cancer Society’s continued commitment to researcher development we organised the ‘Development Workshop for Researchers - We are what we think about all day long: confidence, control and the power of positive introspection'.

The workshop facilitated researchers through a process of positive introspection- the examination of one's own thoughts and emotions. Through guided activities and discussion, the workshop attendees were encouraged to reflect on their thinking styles and on their positive attributes.

The workshop was a great success with very positive feedback! Thank you to all that attended and to Melanie the facilitator.