Cancer patients 'outraged' at Beacon Hospital vaccinations: Irish Cancer Society

Commenting on Covid-19 vaccinations at the Beacon Hospital outside of the approved vaccination schedule, Irish Cancer Society Director of Advocacy Rachel Morrogh said: “On behalf of every cancer patient waiting to be vaccinated, the Irish Cancer Society wants to convey the outrage, frustration and the sense of deep injustice that is being felt. We have heard from many patients today who have said this news is more than just a kick in the teeth. Even when there is a fair system in place that is underwritten by medical need, it can be undermined by some.

“We have been fighting for the prioritisation of cancer patients who've made huge sacrifices in the past year. It is outrageous that although people who are medically vulnerable are meant to be vaccinated now, in this instance people in cohort 11 are taking their place.

“Parents and carers of children with cancer are still none the wiser regarding the timeframe for their vaccination, so these revelations are being felt acutely by them too.

“It’s ironic that on Daffodil Day, a day of hope and celebration of anyone affected by cancer, that our community has to face such seemingly appalling revelations about the inequity in healthcare.”