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posted by dotgos
07 March 2020

Elevated liver enzymes on taxol

Hi all, I have had 6 clues of taxol, and for the last few weeks my liver enzymes have been rising. When I went in for my cycle this week my levels were very high so no taxol was given. My bilirubin also elevated. The nurses mentioned that I might need liver ultrasound and totally panicked me. She mentioned that this was most likely related to the chemotherapy so waiting for repeat bloods this week again to see if levels drop. Has anyone any experience of this or any advice please. Good luck to all on treatment. Dotgos
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posted by waters68
17 February 2020

Immunotherapy and the drug Pembrolizumab

Hi, I want to tell you all my story and alert you to the fact that not all cancer treatment is covered by health insurance or reimbursed by the HSE. I have oesophageal cancer, this is my third bout with the disease and had my voice box and oesophagus removed in 2018. My consultant has told me that I need immunotherapy, specifically the drug "Pembro" but this is not yet licensed in Ireland for head and neck cancer, it is licensed for SOME cancers and fully paid for by the HSE but not all. I don't understand the logic behind this, but that's just the way it is. I am currently paying for my own treatment, it is €8,000 per month despite having health insurance with Irish Life, for decades, they are also refusing to pay. I am working very hard to warn everyone about this travesty in the HSE system, I have discovered during this that Ireland is the slowest country in europe to approve new drugs, even Greece who are still bankrupt have approved Pembro on their national health system! So not only am I battling stage 4 cancer, I am also facing financial ruin to fund my treatment, it's so unfair and very stressful for my family. You can also read my story here: . Thank you, Maria Waters
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posted by mylaur10
15 February 2020

Hats/Head Wear

Last reply: 2 years ago
Just wondering if anyone could advise best places to order hats/head wear from in Ireland. Thanks 🥰🥰
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posted by viv1988
20 August 2018

Shingles and Cancer

Last reply: 3 years ago
Hi All, I was hoping I would get some advise or if anyone was in a similar situation. My mum has stage 4 lung, liver and bone cancer the diagnosis is terminal. The last few weeks mum had a very sever sore right hand and there were 2 patches purple in color on her palm. We went to our GP who put mum on antibiotics and said it was a infection, her nail was also very dark brown in color we put this down to minor infection from the sugar test been taken. On Saturday her hand was very sore I brought mum to West doc and its shingles :(:( the infection is gone past viral infection and she was increased her dose of lyrca to help with the pain. Is shingles common with cancer has anyone been in a similar position. I have rang the corrib ward in UHG for an update as mum is due her cycle of chemo this week and its highly likely this will be postponed now. regards, Vivinne
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