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posted by twig88
13 August 2022

Breast cancer & pregnant

Hey, I am 23 weeks pregnant and got the news at 19 weeks that I have breast cancer. I’m post op….lumpectomy and lymph node removal and got the good news today that nodes and margins are clear. I am now facing the journey down the chemotherapy road and just wanted to see if there are any women on here who are pregnant or who had been pregnant while going through chemo? X
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posted by chellh
09 August 2022

Mm cancer

Hi my mam has recently been diagnosed with mm cancer I just want to talk to people who are in the same predicament as I am. I live in wexford she lives in Cork so I don't get to see her that often .I feel so useless that I can't be there for her
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posted by tesssa
06 June 2022

Breast surgery

Last reply: 2 months ago
Tomorrow I am going to have a breast lump removed at st Vincent's hospital and I am very scared, has anyone had this type of procedure and can share their experience?
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posted by Tammy001
01 May 2022

Cancer Advanced

Last reply: 3 months ago
My father was diagnosed quiet recently with stage 4 advanced bowel cancer which is in his liver lungs and lymph nodes, he had a stoma bag fitted for the bowel, the oncology team said chemo would kill him so won't give, he has terrible back pain and we are in shock and helpless, he is in hospital but sometimes is incoherent and trying to get to speak to a nurse or doctor on the ward is difficult, we had to do all the chasing for answers as no team would call us or meet us, I am angry and upset, I'd appreciate any advice or help please
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posted by lotus
15 April 2022

Wait for Radiotherapy

Last reply: 3 months ago
Hi, I am just wondering if anyone is experiencing long waits for radiotherapy treatment? I have health insurance, so going privately, but it has now been 13 weeks since my surgery and no date yet. I had the CT planning appt 2 weeks ago but they said it would be another 3-4 weeks before I heard anything. I am anxious about the delay - I was never told initially that there would be any delays and had to keep calling week after week only to be told I was in ‘the pile’ and they couldn’t give any idea of time scale. Is this the normal? Could I have had radiotherapy quicker in another centre?
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posted by madz72
21 February 2022

The wait

Last reply: 5 months ago
Hi, I’m new to the forum. I was referred to the breast clinic today in Galway.. Gp said wait time about 2 weeks, I called the clinic and they are saying up to 8 because of Covid backlog…. My question is to everyone that has had to wait for an appointment, how do you manage, I have been in bits all day and have no idea how to handle this, thankyou
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posted by irelanduk
24 January 2022

Chest CT / called for full body

Last reply: 6 months ago
Hi there, my Dad was sent for a chest scan and received a letter requiring him to attend a full body scan. Can we presume something was found in chests scan? No correspondence from consultant, has follow up appointment in March. It's a long wait...
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posted by carlsberg
20 January 2022


Last reply: 6 months ago
hi so i recently went to a counselling session in one of the dublin centres. i didn't find it overly helpful and thought id come away with more sense of relief (i have talked to close friends and my mam endlessly so i haven't bottled everything up) anyway i thought maybe its just more like an assessment 1st time, went again a couple of times with my partner in tow as weve had lot of issues throughout my treatment and recovery, and it really didn't help. i didn't find the counsellor suited us or helped, it actually made things worse..she kept saying she was here to listen, which of course was needed, thought shed be critical and dive in deep to sort isssues.. maybe im wrong in expecting that and we'd need a more particular counsellor? we both agreed she didnt help or suit.. so i didnt go again, i thought it be rude to ask them for a different counsellor what do i do now? i still need someone proper to talk to, i feel my other half needs to go individually and potentially couples if he does solo sessions.. i looked up some private counsellors but at a glance i cant afford their rates.. im dublin/kildare, i had been going in person but zoom call would even be possible.. can i go out of county for help esp if its zoom?
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posted by Hector87
28 September 2021

Bowel problem

Hi all im new to this For the past 9 months ive had a niggling pain in my low left abdomen i went to a GP twice to be told try ignore as it doesnt sound sinister. Recently in the past 2 weeks ive noticed blood in my stool. I go regulary every day no change in bowel habits just the constant niggling pain which is bareable. Im very worried it could be cancer. My stomach also gurgles a lot and i pass a lot of wind Has anybody any similar experiences if so please let me know.
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posted by aliceculli
21 September 2021

Hello I'm Alice I'm new here

Last reply: 10 months ago
Hello I'm Alice I'm new to this site I'd like to talk with people going through cancer the same as myself I'm 68 and this is my second time going through breast cancer, Just looking for new online friends
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