Getting prostate biopsy results

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No evidence of cancer in the samples

A biopsy result that does not show prostate cancer in the samples taken cannot guarantee there is not cancer elsewhere in your prostate gland. In this case, you might be advised to:

  • Go back to your GP and continue to have your PSA checked.
  • Have a repeat prostate biopsy if your PSA changes in the future, even if your biopsy showed no abnormal cells.
  • Have a repeat biopsy sooner rather than later because your biopsy showed abnormal cells.

Prostate cancer cells present

The biopsy report will give your doctor some information about how much cancer was in the sample and how fast it’s likely to grow (the grade). Your doctor will do staging tests to find out the size of the cancer and where it is in your body. Read more about staging and grading prostate cancer.

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