Surgery for NETs

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Surgery to remove the tumour (resection)

Resection means surgery to remove the tumour. It is the most common treatment for NETs.

If the NET has not spread (local tumours) it can often be successfully treated by surgery. The surgeon will remove the tumour and some healthy tissue around the tumour, to reduce the risk of any cancer cells being left behind. This might mean removing part of an organ containing the tumour or the whole organ. We have more information on pancreas, stomach and lung surgery.

Surgery to remove lymph nodes (lymph node dissection)

If cancer spreads, it often spreads to lymph nodes first. Your surgeon may remove nearby lymph nodes at the same time as surgery to remove the tumour.

Surgery to improve your symptoms (palliative surgery)

You may have surgery to control your symptoms and help you to feel better. For example:

  • Cytoreductive surgery (debulking) – removing a large amount of the cancer or as much cancer as possible.
  • Bypass surgery – making a passage around a blocked area to improve symptoms.
  • Stenting – putting a metal mesh tube inside an organ or duct to stop a blockage causing symptoms.

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