After treatment for MDS

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After your treatment you will still need to go back to the hospital for regular check-ups (follow up). At each outpatient visit, your doctor will examine you and you may have blood tests. If your disease is high-risk or you need active treatment or transfusions, you will need more frequent visits to the day ward.

Tell your doctor or nurse how you have been since your last appointment. Remember to tell them about any new symptoms, aches or pains you have, or if you are finding it hard to cope.

If you are between check-ups and have a symptom or problem that is worrying you, contact your doctor or specialist nurse for advice and to make an appointment, if necessary.

If you become suddenly unwell and can’t contact your specialist nurse or hospital team, go to your GP or the emergency department at the hospital.

Leading a healthy lifestyle

Many people want to make positive changes to their lives after a diagnosis of MDS. Read about Life after treatment to find out more about making changes, minding your mental health and work and activities.

It can take some time to adjust to life after cancer treatment. It isn’t unusual to feel quite low and lost after your treatment has ended, especially during the first few months. Read more about feelings after treatment and where to get support.

Clinical trials

Patients with cancer are sometimes asked to take part in a clinical trial. This means that instead of the standard treatment you get a new trial drug. Or you may be given existing treatments used in different ways. For example, giving a different dose of a drug or using two treatments together. Read more about clinical trials . 

Will I get side-effects?

The type of side-effects you get will depend on the type of treatment, the dose, the duration and your own general health. Your medical team can tell you about possible side-effects from your particular treatment. We have more information on coping with different side-effects.  

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