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posted by LisaJH
07 January 2021

Hot Flushes / menopause

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I am 43and have stage 2 breast cancer, I just finished chemo last Monday. I haven’t had a period for months which I was told to expect and have been experiencing intense hot flushes and night sweats for about a month. While I know chemo is the cause of this, I’m just wondering if it will continue now I am not on chemo anymore or if the menopause I’m starting will reverse itself? Has anyone had any experience of this?



commented by May-Marie
07 January 2021

8 days ago

Hi Lisa - I had stage 3 cancer at 41 a couple of years ago-if your cancer was estrogen positive as mine was then you will must likely be put on a hormone treatment called tamoxifen and this will give these menopausal symptoms but you will get used to this new normal -just be kind to yourself rest don’t expect too much from yourself cancer treatment takes a lot out of you but remember you will get the opportunity to have your life back

commented by ari2020
08 January 2021

7 days ago

I'm in my mid 30s on chemo, and have been told for 1 in 4 women of my age the menopause becomes permanent. I've also read being 40+ makes the chance of chemo induced menopause being permanent much more likely. It can take months post chemo to know whether it will reverse.

The menopausal symptoms are supposed to be worse initially than if occurring naturally, because of the sudden onset. The really do suck. I have hopes they settle down to a manageable level as I go onto preventative hormone suppressants but I'm not yet there so can't say.

Hopefully it gets more manageable.

commented by LisaJH
08 January 2021

7 days ago

Thanks for your replies. I just wish I could sleep at night! The hot flushes are so intense!

commented by saysay
12 January 2021

4 days ago

Hi Lisa
I'm stage 2 breast cancer also I'm 48 and finished chemo in June and the night sweats have definitely lessened since then . Invest in a good fan for your bedroom and only wear cotton in bed , I also invested in a goose feather light quilt and it made a difference. Anything synthetic is no longer an option for me!
Best of luck with your treatment

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