Breast cancer
posted by Sabine
03 April 2008

Who are you?

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Well, I am interested in hearing your story. How old are you? Where do you live? What type of breast cancer do you have? Which treatments did you get? For me it is quite interesting to see how women in other countries are teated. So I hope we can help each other by using this forum.

Okay, my name is Sabine. I live in Germany. When I got the diagnosis I was 35 years old. Triple hormon negative, G3 tumor, 1,6cm. I had to go through chemo first (4x EC, 4x Taxan - just have the German words, sorry), then surgery and then radiation treatment (36x). In Germany women are sent on a socalled Heilbehandlung. You go to a place for about 3 weeks where you do sports and get special lectures on the subject breast cancer and things like that. It is to recover from the treatments and to make you get back into social and work life. That's what I did. I finished all my treatments in June 2007. In Germany women with breast cancer go to health checks every 3 month after their treatments were finished. You get ultrasound checks and every 6 month mammography on the side where you had the tumor. Every 12 month the other side is checked as well. I am looking forward to hearing from other women with breast cancer. Sorry for my English...

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commented by rickta
07 May 2008

07 October 2015 14:19

Hi I am Rickta, And recently I am diagnosed with breast cancer right now I am going through radiation therapy from Utah cancer center, while I was on treatment I thought I should write some thing about this disease and start my own blog . I hop you all will like it.

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