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posted by Neadi
01 December 2012

Pain after mastectomy

Last reply: 02 December 2012 18:57

Hi there!!

Just wondering if this is "normal"???

I'm two weeks post mastectomy and things according to medics are going fine.

However, the numbness is wearing off, still have drain, but I keep getting pains in my arm and at the top of my "breast". I have fluid build up at the top also which they won't remove for some reason, but just wondering is this was normal? I was flying along until Thursday and just lying down is uncomfortable and a pain in the ass!!!




commented by encee
01 December 2012

01 December 2012 18:27


I can't comment on the pain aspect as I don't recall having much pain after surgery.

In relation to the fluid build up - I know I had a bit on my back where the latissimus dorsi had been partially taken to use in my breast reconstruction. I felt like Quasi Modo but in fairness, the breast clinic kept a close eye on it and eventually it went away. They avoid going near it as much as possible as it increases your risks of getting infection and you do not want to go there!!!

Anyway, hopefully you will be flying it before you know it.

Good luck x

commented by FunkyChick
01 December 2012

01 December 2012 18:47

Hi Neadi,

pain is possibly from Auxiliary Web Syndrome or "cording" had this & there is a solution. You need to talk to your Breast Nurse & physio.

Best wishes,

commented by WicklowLady
01 December 2012

01 December 2012 19:23

Thought you were having a nice weekend away? Hope you're ok

commented by Neadi
01 December 2012

01 December 2012 19:28

Yeah, we're away and having a lovely relaxing time!! Image removed.
It's just the pain is getting at me a bit.
I was never the patient type anyway- maybe am being too hard on myself (as the nurses said to me yesterday) I just want to becup and at it!!!!!

What exactly is cording?? Never heard of it!

Thanks for replies guys

commented by Josephine
02 December 2012

02 December 2012 18:17

Hi Neadi
I've been following all your posts but so many people are replying they already said anything I had to say. But I have the cording problem so might be of some help here. I posted questions about it previously so have a look back along the posts.
It's where the lymph vessels along your arm get hard after surgery and literally feel like a cord,from your chest down along your arm, that is pulled too tight. I kept going back to physio but its been a matter of continuing the exercises you are shown the very first day post op. it has improved since surgery in June but is still there at this stage.
The swelling sounds like a seroma. They def seem to want to leave that alone. I had one under my arm after the node biopsy. It got quite big and eventually they drained it once. Then I got another one after the mastectomy. It wasn't as big so they left it there. It did go after a good few weeks.
I hope you are getting some relief from the pain. Chin up, you have a huge hurdle over you.
Jo x

commented by Neadi
02 December 2012

02 December 2012 18:57

Thanks J.

Things have improved greatly today. I think I may have been expecting too much after 14 days. I took it easy on the arm, and only did my exercises - raising arm over head feels very very tight.

But it's nothing I can't tolerate......and may get better once I ditch this horrible drain!!!!!!!!

Thanks once again!!


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