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posted by orchardj
18 December 2020

Periods on Taxol

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I've started bleeding ans its 35 days since my last period which was before I started chemo. I was told that my period will stop all together when on this drug. Had anyone else still gotten periods on Taxol? I'm starting my 3rd round of Taxol next Thursday.



commented by Cancer Nurse
23 December 2020

1 year ago


I am sorry you have not had a reply yet and as you are going in for treatment this Thursday I am sure you will discuss this with your oncology team.

It is not known exactly what effect paclitaxel has on fertility. However, any effects will also depend on other chemotherapy drugs you are having at the same time or have received in the past, and your age. Some women stop having periods during chemotherapy, although this may be temporary. Women aged around 40 and above are less likely to have their periods return after completing chemotherapy than women under this age.

You can read advice regarding contraception if this is relevant to you as it would be advised not to become pregnant while having treatment. See here for further information.

If you would find it helpful to phone our support line we are all cancer nurses here and our phone number is 1800 200 700. You will see our opening ours over Christmas above.

Kind regards

Cancer nurse

commented by ari2020
24 December 2020

1 year ago


I was told I could possibly have spotting, irregular bleeding. In my case I am on a slightly different chemo drug now (I start taxol in the new year) and was given an injection to shut down my ovaries. I spotted for 3 weeks initially and nothing since.

Based on what I was told I think this may be in the norm.

Hope you got confirmation from your team.


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