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23 May 2021

Oesophageal Cancer

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I didn’t tell you the full story, as my father was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2009 and he got the all clear but was going back to hospital every year to get checked and had a CT scan in July 2020 to check for cancer and his last appointment was in October 2020 in relation to the bladder cancer and he was told all was good, he was delighted, we were delighted, then in November 2020 he began having swallowing difficulties and was losing weight but all the medical professionals were telling him everything was good so he or we didn’t think there was anything wrong with him. He was put on acid reflux tablets for 2 weeks at first as they thought it might be acid reflux, symptoms persisted (swallowing difficulty) my Mother rang our Doctors again and they were going to prescribe another weeks course of acid reflux tablets, but I explained to my Mother that she needed to ring them back as something was not right and ask for a letter for A&E. My father went to A&E on the 7th of December 2020 and on the 8th of December all alone was told he had advanced oesophageal cancer with a mass of 35 to 40cm in his oesophagus and it had spread to his liver, what a bombshell, it’s unbelievable 😭 My Father passed away on the 7th of March 2021.



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23 May 2021

1 year ago

Sorry for your loss.😢


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25 May 2021

1 year ago

Thank you Jenni xx something needs to change, because if you had cancer before, you should be checked everywhere to see if the Cancer has returned 😭

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01 April 2022

8 months ago

My fathers 1st anniversary was the 7th of March and we still can’t believe how he died, as he was attending a hospital every year to check to see if the cancer returned on his bladder. But it returned on his oesophagus but no one copped it, until it was too late, we are heartbroken 😭

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04 September 2022

3 months ago

Until we can make the doctors and hospitals accountable for the mistakes they make that result in deaths this will continue .

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