Lung cancer
posted by Hopeful
23 February 2023

Waiting times

Last reply: 03 March 2023 16:29

Hi all, my mam was diagnosed with lung cancer , its non small cell lung cancer - squamous cell carcinoma. We were told the next steps she will have to get a pet scan and brain scan and see an oncologist to decide on treatment which will either be chemotherapy or immunotherapy. The pet scan appointment is next week but I was just wondering if anyone what are the normal waiting times to see the oncologist and for treatment to get started? Its been over a week now since the diagnosis

I thought we would have at least received an appointment by now so am getting a bit anxious, a week is a whole lot longer when you have received news like this



commented by ShaneK
03 March 2023

03 March 2023 01:42

Hello. I'm very sorry to hear about your mam. My Dad was recently diagnosed with the same lung cancer back in October. Unfortunately there was a number of delays due to him catching covid in the meantime and then the Christmas period. He was seen on the 17th Jan by the Oncology team and started chemo on the 3rd of Feb. So just over 2 weeks later. I don't suspect your mam will have to wait too long. I had the same question for my dad as he was very unlucky because of covid and we were concerned it with spread quickly but we were told the type of cancer is unlikely to spread in the matter of weeks. I hope that at least puts yours and your mother's mind at ease. It's a very difficult time yourself and your family and I hope your all looking after yourselves. Very best wished for your man's chemo

commented by Hopeful
03 March 2023

03 March 2023 16:29

Thanks for your response ShaneK. I drove my mam to to St James Hosp this morning for a PET CT and tomorrow she is to have a brain scan, hopefully we will have these results quickly and a meeting with the oncologist to discuss treatment. This is a totally new experience for us so I just wasn't sure what to expect but I know now she is being looked after and it is great to have this online community for support should we need it

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