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posted by Emmalu
25 March 2019

Lymphoma symptoms?

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Hi, the last couple of months I’ve had a lump below my left breast over my lower rib. It’s not painful but I do have some discomfort on that side. Also experiencing mild nausea especially when I eat plus periodic sweats and itchy feet, especially at night. I know some of these could be symptoms of lymphoma but km wondering would that be a normal location for it to be? Do you think it warrants a doctor visit? I don’t want to go along being dranatic but this thing is not going away plus I’m struggling a lot with fatigue. I keep Blaming that that on my underactive thyroid but I’m not sure that’s it now. Just wondering others thoughts?
Thanks in advance



commented by Irish Cancer Society
02 April 2019

02 April 2019 14:54

Dear emmalou, thank you for your post. We would not be able to provide any medical advice, with any new lump we would recommend a visit to your GP, they are in the best position to determine the cause. You could discuss the symptoms and concerns that you are experiencing and they will examine the lump to see if any further tests are required while taking your backround medical history into account. I hope this is helpful, if you would like any advice or support, they Nurseline is available on 1800200700.

kind regards

cancer nurse

commented by lukeav
28 March 2021

28 March 2021 14:37

Hi Emma Lou in nov 2019 I attended an ap with my gp where I mentioned a hard lump under my right breast , she referred me for a mammogram , I received an app for feb 2020 , I had my mammogram and afterwards the dr took a biopsy of the lump which she said was more above my ribs than in my breast. This showed up small lymphocytic lymphoma a non Hodgkin B cell low grade cancer. I’m a year after my diagnoses and it’s progressing slowly , I have swellings in my groin , neck and underarms. I hope you got checked and know the outcome of all the tests available. Lu

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